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Contracts are at the very core of our society and modern-day life. Every time you make a retail purchase, turn on your tv, or listen to your favorite streaming music service, a contract is at work. While most of us don’t think about these everyday “contracts” too often, companies that provide goods & services certainly do.

At it’s most basic level, a contract may be as simple as the purchase of a simple product, like a t-shirt from a department store. A customer agrees to buy the item for a set amount of money and the store agrees to sell it at that price. While that may seem fairly simple & straightforward, there’s usually much more to even this simple transaction than meets the eye. 

Underlying almost every exchange of goods or services, there may be a slew of “contracts,” including a purchase agreement, return policy, manufacturer warranty, terms of use, and more. That’s why businesses, especially successful ones, take the time to ensure their contracts are all well-written & enforceable – even when hardly anyone ever sees them.

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Small decisions can have lasting effects

While some business owners try to create and manage their own contracts by utilizing online templates or generic form agreements, most don’t recognize the inherent dangers that creates. For one, using agreements that are not actually written for your specific business or situation widens the risk of exposure to term gaps and loopholes. Just because it may look good or save a little bit of money, doesn’t mean its actually right for your business.

All too often, business owners or managers end up in disputes & litigation that lasts for years and cost huge sums of money – all because of a poorly written contract, or even worse, no contract at all.

At Capital Partners Law, we tailor agreements to your unique situation and create contracts that work for you. The earlier you involve an attorney in your contract drafting, negotiation, and execution, the easier it will be to manage your agreements throughout the life of your business. Capital Partner Law can give you peace of mind by creating strong, enforceable agreements that will keep you protected when the time comes.

There's more than meets the eye

Just like your business, your contracts should
grow and adapt over time

Successful businesses recognize that, just as their operations are constantly evolving, so too must their structure & management. That means that their contracts, internal & external policies, and even business structure may have to change from time to time.

That’s where we come in. Capital Partners Law is not just another law firm. We make it our goal and number one priority to be a trusted resource for our business clients  as they grow and evolve. That’s why we tailor our representation to fit each unique situation and provide a full-suite of business law services for companies of all shapes and sizes.

When you hire us, we won’t just draft a contract for you, file it away, and never engage with your business again. We’ll be there to help with regular contract audits, renegotiations, risk assessments, and even litigation if/when the need arises.

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Although contracts are intended to clearly delineate the rights and responsibilities of each party to an agreement, disputes can and do arise. These may include disagreements regarding specific contractual terms, validity of the contract itself, performance by either party, or the most common issue of all – breach of contract.

When any of these disputes arise, its important to feel that you are contractually protected and that the law is on your side. That’s why its important to ensure you are using the right contract for each of your business needs and why having an experienced business attorney in your corner can make al the difference.  

These are just some of the Contracts we can prepare
for you or your business

  • Operating Agreements

  • Shareholders' Agreements

  • SaaS & Technology Agreements

  • Vendor & Service Contracts

  • Purchase & Sale Agreements

  • Asset & Stock Purchase Agreements

  • Partnership & Joint Venture Agreements

  • Reseller, Distribution, and Licensing Agreements

  • Employment & Contractor Agreements

  • Nondisclosure & Confidentiality Agreements

  • Noncompete & Nonsolicitation Agreements

  • Real Estate & Construction Contracts

  • Lease & Rental Agreements

  • Subscription Agreements

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Privacy Policies

  • Data & Security Policies

  • Human Resources (HR) Policies

  • Payment Authorization Agreements

  • Engagement Agreements

  • Settlement Agreements

  • Release & Waiver Agreements

  • Bills of Sale or Transfer

  • Assignment Agreements

Why Should You Use A Written Contract?

Legal Requirements

To be enforceable, some agreements are legally required to be in writing. The laws surrounding business contract enforceability vary from state to state, however the following transactions typically require a written agreement:
• Purchase or Sale of Real Estate
• Sale of Goods Valued over $500.00
• Contracts that will take more than one (1) year to perform
Unfortunately, if a business or individual enter into an agreement in one of these three situations, and the agreement is not in writing, it may be unenforceable – despite performance by one or more of the parties. Of course, the specific facts unique to each situation will play a role in any outcome, but it may be an uphill battle if you don’t have a written agreement detailing the understanding of the parties. Moreover, there are several other reasons why a contract may be unenforceable, including:
• Lack of capacity, authority, or consent
• Coercion
• Vague or ambiguous terms
• Lack of one or more core elements
• Poor form, readability, or structure
• Fraud
• Intentional or Negligent Misrepresentation
• Illegal Purpose

Because business dealings can involve very high stakes, including large sums of money, time commitments, and opportunity costs, its important to work with a business lawyer who is experienced in drafting enforceable well-written contracts that won’t leave your business susceptible to potential disputes. 

At Capital Partners Law, our attorneys are adept at helping businesses, both large and small, with all of their contract needs, including drafting, negotiation, execution, implementation, and modification.

Future Disputes & Liability Protection

Regardless of whether a transaction legally requires a written agreement, it is highly recommended that all business deals utilize a contract for the protection of all parties involved. Written contracts are your safeguard against another party’s fraud, failure to perform, or miscommunication.  

It is much more cost effective to fund professional contract drafting and negotiation upfront, than to defend or try to enforce a verbal or unwritten agreement down the line. Additionally, if it later becomes apparent that litigation is necessary, a written contact creates more security for your business as it clearly maps out your position; meaning fewer facts to dispute and less time & money spent on litigation. Many agreements even detail specific penalties in the event of a breach, making litigation outcomes far more predictable.  Finally, written agreements (even initial drafts) also help establish expectations early in the deal negotiation process and prevent future disputes from occurring. This helps create smooth business relationships and often facilitates further business dealings in the future.

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Contracts & agreements are at the heart of almost all business operations & transactions. They not only help build trust with customers, but also facilitate relationships among businesses and their vendors or suppliers.

Because of their crucial importance, its important to make sure any contract you use or sign is unambiguous, well-written, and inclusive of the entire understanding between the parties.

An experienced business attorney takes this one step further by ensuring your contract accomplishes the tasks its set out to do, while offering adequate protection if things don’t go according to plan. The easiest way to make sure you have a valid, enforceable contract is to enlist the help of an experienced contract lawyer as early as possible. A lawyer will be able to make sure all of the legal and liability-related components of a valid contract are present.

We offer complimentary consultations for new clients and always strive to provide top-notch service. We also offer completely remote client onboarding, online credit card payments, Zoom video conferences, and so much more. Fill out our Quote Request Form online or call us toll free at (833) 7-CAPLAW to see how we’re leveraging the latest technology to save our clients time and money.

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