preparing for a deposition

Preparing for a deposition in florida

Depositions can take place in differing venues, depending on the nature of the case. While most depositions usually take place in the office of the deposing attorney opposite your side of the claim, they may also take place in a neutral venue provided by the attorney or another party. The majority of depositions in Florida, however, take place in the office of the Court Reporter documenting the testimony. 

Since depositions are no walk in the park, it’s vital that attorneys do whatever they can to help their clients feel prepared before their testimony. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to help calm your nerves and help you put your best foot forward during a deposition.  

How to Prepare for a Deposition 

Calm Your Nerves 

As previously mentioned, depositions aren’t fun. As a party being deposed, you are likely to face a barrage of difficult questions, which are sure to fray your nerves. By working closely with your attorney, you can be better prepared by first understanding the deposition process itself, how they work in Florida, and what to expect when the time comes. 

Make Sure Your Attorney Reviews All the Relevant Documents with You 

Preparedness is the ultimate anxiety calmer, and this is especially true for depositions. Most depositions involve large quantities of documents. The best way to be fully prepared for your deposition is to ensure your lawyer walks you through all of the relevant materials, so you are fully informed on the type(s) of information and lines of questioning you are likely to experience.  

Ask for a Test-Deposition 

Having knowledge of the information relevant to your case is one thing, but being fully aware of what a deposition in Florida actually entails is another story. Before your deposition, it is critical to remove any doubts or fears you may have about the process itself or what you may be asked. In preparation for your deposition, ask your attorney to put you through a test run where your attorney will ask you the types of questions you can expect in the actual deposition, as well as give you the opportunity to ask questions or ask for clarification about anything you don’t understand. A dry-run is the best way to become accustomed to the deposition process so you aren’t confused on the day of the actual event.  

Remember, Never to Let Your Guard Down 

While it’s essential to become acquainted with the deposition process, it’s also important not to become comfortable. Always make sure that while you are being as truthful as possible, you also do not let your guard down. Keeping your guard up means not volunteering information and instead, answer all questions as simply and honestly as possible. If there is a yes/no question, directly respond accordingly without volunteering any unnecessary information. Always take your time when responding – don’t rush your answers and make statements that are inaccurate or dishonest. 

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